Manufacture the equipment.

We manufacture industrial equipment and build around the existing new productions. Equipment made of ribbon / chain conveyors to fully automatic top pressure filling lines. Automate the existing equipment, as well as assemble new equipment for a new and faster production. 

   The pictures and videos on our hand-built devices, can see the work done page.
As an example, Liquid overflow filler to 0,3 - 2L PET bottle
or rebuilt  monoblock pressure filler and capper ,  which was built on a unique hexagonal bottle. However, the device was immediately carried out the overhaul, during which all of the replacement parts exchanged, and installed a new electrical system.

Equipment supply.
We can help deliver both new as used industrial equipments, machinery, accessories, and spare parts. The machinery we deliver well-established cooperation with partners all over Europe, where necessary, outside the EU. 
           Our equipment is always checked and in working order, but if the device should be some errors, we will always remove them before delivery.
Production lines assembly and dismounting.
We help assemble the newly acquired production lines, as well as to dismantled  the existing and install new production building. We assembling the lines for the production there the like to itself, the pipework, welding work, electrical work, etc.
Machine purchase/sale and exchange.
We buy and take commission sale of all different kinds of industrial equipment and machinery. No matter what condition it is. We help you find your malfunctioning device a new owner, or due to the increase in production volume, we will help to replace the existing device more productive. We have a lot of customers and partners who may be interested in your device.
The brands we represent in Estonia and partners
Latest products
Screw compressor Atlas Copco GA 11 PLUS 
Producer: Atlas Copco
Model: GA 11 PLUS
Year: 2006
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Screw compressor Kaeser SK 24 
Producer: Kaeser
Model: SK 24
Year: 2008
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Air dryer Alup ADQ 1000 
Producer: Almig
Model: ADQ 1000
Year: 2009
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Air dryer Airpress APX 36 
Producer: Airpress
Model: APX 36
Year: 2015
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Air dryer Grassair DW 108 
Producer: Grassair
Model: DW 108
Year: 2007
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