Screw compressors

   When you choosing a screw compressor, we always recommended that you select the appropriate screw compressor, so that compressor will be not inappropriate productivity, with high noise level and air quality. 
      We always recommend that you contact us and consult before you making decision. Ask more information about the compressors!


The brands we represent in Estonia and partners
Latest products
Air dryer Airpress APX 30 
Producer: Airpress
Model: APX 30
Year: 2017
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Air dryer Boge DS 75 
Producer: Boge
Model: DS 75
Year: 2011
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Air dryer Airpress ADR 49 
Producer: Airpress
Model: ADR 49
Year: 2010
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Screw compressor Alup SCK 22 - 08 PLUS 
Producer: Alup
Model: SCK 22-8
Year: 2007
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Screw compressor Almig Variable 32 
Producer: Almig
Model: Variable 32
Year: 2013
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