Air dryers

Ceccato offers two series air dryers. Ceccato CDX and COOL series air dryer.

Ceccato CDX air dryer series is to get productive 350-70 000L / min dew point of +3 ° C
Ceccato COOL air dryer series of productive 350- 7700L / min, the dew point of +5 ° C

COOL compressed air dryer series, the difference compared with the CDX series is two degrees above the dew point and the of condensation of water from the exhaust valve.COOL series separates condensation from the exhaust valve of each fixed time intervals, unlike the CDX series is separated from the water system only if it has occurred, and without loss of compressed air, which is that much more energy efficient than the COOL series.

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Ceccato CDX seria air dryers Ceccato COOL seria air dryers

Air dryers we recommend installing immediately before contact compressed air line install a filter or route Ceccato Ceccato ASA series liquid cyclone separator. In order to avoid the emergence of liquid in the dryer liikse and dirt, which can cause the dryer exhaust valves of condensation jamming, non-drying, and blockage of the cooling.
         What is, however, more suitable for filter before the dryer, the liquid cyclone separator or ASA Ceccato Ceccato G Series Fine filter depends on the arrangement of the compressed air system. 

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