Sea container lock

Our company is one of the metal product is PELTLOCK container security lock. The lock is designed for all sea containers or container in addition to the normal tabale additional lock being built in the lock.Sea container lock is installed on the container two average sea lock which is attached to doors.
          PELTLOCK sea container locks offer three different surface finish.

1. Stainless sea container lock.

2. Iron sea container lock galvanized surface coating.


3. Iron sea container lock painted surface.


Locks are available in two different sizes that fit in a container with a fastening rungs of the average outer dimension of a maximum of 380mm and 330mm in the folded position. (Maximum storage position is one that stands out above the pictures)
  However, the locks can be fitted to the other sea containers with fastening rungs of average outer dimension is greater, as 350mm, 380mm, 420mm or 450mm.
All PELTLOCK sea container locks are made of 5mm taller each module in order to fit the lock on the container, which is slightly crooked sticks attachment, snowy weather or because of the color slightly greater than the external diameter. But definitely not because of sea container lock is not proper container lock less secure.


PELTLOCK container security lock thought is
* Protect padlocks that would not be able to access anything other than the key.
* It is easy to install the new / second sea container.
* It not require drilling, welding or other alterations to be installed on the container.
* To ensure the greatest possible safety as simply and cheaply.


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