Line filters

With Line filters can remove solid particles, condensate and oil residues from the compressed air.
Line filters help to extend the life of compressed air lines and air tools. Ceccato offers Line filters capacity of 720 -40 500L/min.

Atmospheric air naturally contains several impurities such as dust, various forms of hydrocarbons and water in the form of humidity. Once sucked into the compressor, these are compressed and delivered down the line along with oily particles. These polluting agents interact with each other and can generate abrasive and corrosive emulsions that can cause wear and corrosion in the downstream equipment. Quality Air Solutions remove these contaminations from the compressed air.




Purify the compressed air by eliminating oil/dust contaminants.
Increase your overall productivity.

No electrical supply needed.
Higher final product quality.

Prolong the life span of your operation process (machine/equipment...).
Reduce potential downtime.
Annual service intervals to ensure optimal operations.

Compatible with any compressor technology.
Can be installed quickly and into an existing network.
Optional pressure drop device (indicator/gauge) to advise on the cartridge replacement.
Cartridge replacement done in no time.



options for the full range:

Pressure indicator.
Pressure gauge.
Voltage free contact mounted on the differential pressure gauge to give remote indication of the cartridge replacement.
Wall mounting kit to simplify the installation.
Serial Connection Kit allows easy mounting of filters in series.
Quick coupling for easy connection to fix an intelligent drain with no loss of compressed air.


Coalescing filters for general purpose protection, removing solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 99 % For optimum filtration, a G filter should be preceded by a water separator.



High-efficiency coalescing filters, removing solid particles, liquid water an oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 99,9 % For optimum filtration, a C filter should be preceded by a G filter at all times.



Activated carbon filter for removal of oil vapour an hydrocarbon odors with a maximum remaining oil content of 0,003 mg/m3 (0,003 ppm). 1000 hour lifetime




Allowing unclean or contaminated compressed air to enter your air network holds several risks. In almost all applications, this can cause a considerable decrease in performance as well as an increase in maintenance costs both related to actual repairs as well as a loss in productivity. Ceccato’s innovative filters are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air quality and meet today’s ever increasing quality demands. They are fully developed and tested according to ISO standards.



 Double O-rings guarantee proper sealing to reduce leakage risks and increase energy savings.

 Increased user friendliness and reliability via push-on element.

Protection paper avoids direct contact between filter media and stainless steel filter core.

Enhanced glass fiber media ensure high filter efficiency, low pressure drop, and guaranteed lifetime performance. For oil coalescence filters, multiple layers are wrapped around each other to avoid the risk of early oil breakthrough.

Oil coalescence filters: double
drainage layer (outer protection paper
and foam) has a large drainage
capacity which is ideal for variable
speed compressors. Moreover,
the poly-urethane foam avoids oil
Dust filters: open foam acts as a
pre-filter for the largest dust particles,
which prolongs the filter lifetime.



 Epoxy sealed caps for reliable

 Internal ribs support the element
and facilitate the route of oil

Look Ceccato Line filters brochure!

remove solid particles from the compressed air
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