Screw compressor Alup SCK 42-10

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Product code: 62800200064
4 150.00 €4 400.00 €
Screw compressors is in good condition.
During the maintenance has been exchanged the oil, oil filter, air filter, separator filter and 3x V-belts.
Earlier compressor was backup machine in factory. Because of that it has only 1030 h working hours.
- Compressor is compact
- Simple construction and reliable
- Compressor have control unit Aircontrol 1, where it is possible to change the compressor pressure and other important operating parameters, display a variety of error messages and future maintenance.
Warranty 4 months!
It is possible to get form us the air dryer, air tank and line filters. And if it is necessary, we deliver and install the whole system. Contact us and ask a offer for the kit.
Producer: Alup
Model: SCK 42- 10
Year: 2007
Capacity: 4120L/min 10 Bar
Motor: 30 Kw
Working hours: 1030 h
Power: 400V / 50 Hz / 3 F
Weight: Ca. 400kg
Sizes: 1200 x 800 x 1400 mm (PxLxK)
Noise level: Ca. 71 dB

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