Screw compressor Almig Variable 32

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6 650.00 €7 800.00 €

Compressor is in good condition. During the maintenance has been exchanged the oil, oil filter and air filter.

The compressor is with frequency converter and direct drive, which makes it 35% more energy efficient then conventional screw compressors. Thanks to the frequency converters the compressor produces as much the air is consumed, it is smoother actuation and does not need larger air tank such as a conventional screw compressors.

- Simple construction and reliable
- With a low noise level
- In very good condition
- One of the best touch screens controls available on compressors.
Compressor has Almig Air Control P (Premium) touch screen control, which can:
*Connect seven compressors and manage all of them from the same place.
* Programmed of the week working schedule; configure automatic on and off times and what Bar the compressor swith off and starts to work. (All days of the week can be set individually, as well as the seven compressors)
* It is possible to look the week and days compressor productivity analysis, pressure and temperature.
* Reminds the future maintenance
* Shows in case of failures error messages and infoline number.
And many other possibilities.

6 months warranty.

It is possible to get form us the air dryer, air tank and filters. And if it is necessary, we deliver and install the whole system. Contact us and ask a offer for the kit.

Producer: Almig
Model: Variable 32
Year: 2013
Capacity: 1890 - 5320L/min, Max 5 - 13 Bar
Motor: 32 Kw
Power: 400V / 50 Hz / 3 F
Weight: Ca. 400kg
Noise level: Ca. 68 dB

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