Screw compressor Boge C9

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Product is not active anymore! SOLD!
Compressor is in good condition. During the maintenance has been exchanged the oil, oil filter, air filter and pre-filter.
The compressor has a factory-side pre-filter, which prevents excessive dust from entering the engine compartment, ensures a longer life for the fine filter, and keeps the cooling radiator cleaner.
- Simple construction and reliable
- With low noise level 59 dB
- With pre-filter
- The digital control panel Boge Basic, from which it is possible to change the operating pressures and other important operating parameters of the compressor, displays various error messages, future maintenance, etc.
The screw compressor is ideal for smaller workshops, where a low noise level is important.
Warranty 6 months!
It is possible to get form us the air dryer, air tank and line filters. And if it is necessary, we deliver and install the whole system. Contact us and ask a offer for the kit.
Producer: Boge
Model: C9
Year: 2012
Capacity: 1100L/min, Max 10 Bar
Motor: 7,5 Kw
Working hours: 44000 h
Power: 400V / 50 Hz / 3 F
Weight: 215 Kg
Sizes: 1000 x 480 x 1240 mm (PxLxK)
Noise level: 59 dB

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