New Ceccato line filters.


Since March, Ceccato have available new line filters.

Compared to the previous line filters, the new have main advantages:

*  Easy monitoring via sight glass. 
*  A venting hole will give an audible alarm if the filter is dismantled under pressure.
*  Removing the filter bowl is an easy job as the external ribs allow for a firm grip on the filter. 
*  No need to worry about corrosion. The die cast aluminum housing with special anodized treatment protects our     filters both on the inside and the outside.
*  Smooth draining of the filter ensures a reliable performance.
This is guaranteed by our high performance automatic drain (G - C - P) and manual drain (V - S - D).

As an option has been added to the flow of the possibility of a potential-free contact filter blockage,
obstruction of the clock to be installed in order to give further signals when the filter is clogged. 




The new Ceccato line filters have the ability to get through the inlet 40 500L / min. But in the stock we have immediately to 3000L / min flow capacity filters, along with all kinds of different supplies.

 More information about the new line filters are able to see the products, or from the leaflet.

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