Suruõhukuivati Beko Drypoint RA 80

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The air dryer is in good condition.

There is a digital display on the dryer, which displays the dew point and temperature. You can also set the appropriate dew point to save energy on the control panel.

The air dryer has a "Smart Drain" condensation release valve, which let the water out of compressed air system, only when it is incurred, not time relay. Thanks to this the air dryer is more energy efficient and has no compressed air costs. 

Also it is possible to get form us the line filters, to ensure better air quality in your device.

3 month warranty.



Valmistaja: Beko
Mudel: Drypoint RA80
Aasta: 2010
Tootlikkus: 8100 L/min, Max: 14 Bar
Võimsus: 1050 W
Vool: 230 V
Kaal: Ca. 60 Kg


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