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To find your suitable device, or any other thing for faster searching, we have brought new and used separately.
   The new products what are you looking for is not always in advertisement , because they have some minor technical differences, also, we have not reached all the products separately advertise. We recommend always feel free to contact us if you not find a suitable device and more price is precise negotiation.

Used equipments we've brought the products out, which we have instantly in warehouse. Also, we have all the equipment used is checked and in good condition (In the case where it is not indicated in a separate) and we only deal with the quality products, which we can offer maintenance and spare parts.

Things what we offer are available the transport and installation. Smaller cases will send the Cargobus the nearest dealer or request it by courier to the address.

The brands we represent in Estonia and partners
Latest products
Screw compressor Alup SCK 10-10 
Producer: Alup
Model: SCK 10-10
Year: 2003
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Screw compressor Kaeser ASD 47 
Producer: Kaeser
Model: ASD 47
Year: 2007
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Screw compressor Almig Variable 16 
Producer: Almig
Model: Variable 16
Year: 2009
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Screw compressor Alup Allegro 16 
Producer: Alup
Model: Allegro 16
Year: 2004
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Screw compressor Almig Belt 7 
Producer: Almig
Model: Belt 7
Year: 2008
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