Welcome to the Peltoc OÜ website. Our company is engaged in metal works and various industrial equipment purchasing, sales, assembly / disassembly, manufacture, supply, repair and maintenance.

The company has developed cooperation with partners and suppliers across Europe. 
We import and represent in a variety of brands such as CeccatoAlup, Almig screw compressors and compressed air systems, Aignep pneumatics components, pneumatic cylinders and Airko air tools, AirNet compressed air pipes, ALTECH labellings and 
IC Filling System industrial equipment such as filler lines, carbonization, capper and PET bottle blow machines.
    Our workers have long-term experience in different industrial equipment and in the metal work field. Thanks to this we are able to offer our customers the best price and quality of the equipment and service works. More information you can find our website.


New Ceccato CDX Seri...

Since the 2015 spring are all Ceccato CDX series a...

New Ceccato line fil...

Since March, Ceccato have available new line filte...

Aignep pneumatic cyl...

Since November of 2014, we began the first in Esto...
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The brands we represent in Estonia and partners
Latest products
Screw compressor Kaeser SK 21 
Producer: Kaeser
Model: SK 21
Year: 2006
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Screw compressor Kaeser BSD 81 T 
Producer: Kaeser
Model: BSD 81 T
Year: 2007
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Screw compressor Atlas Copco GA 22 VSD FF 
Producer: Atlas Copco
Model: GA 22 VSD FF
Year: 2011
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Air dryer Beko Drypoint Ra 80 
Producer: Beko
Model: Drypoint RA80
Year: 2010
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Air dryer Kaeser TF 173 
Producer: Kaeser
Model: TF 173
Year: 2008
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