Aignep pneumatic cylinders


Since November of 2014, we began the first in Estonia manufacturing pneumatic cylinders, to ensure our costomers,  partners, and resellers with the fastest delivery time and 1 mm accuracy cylinders, which is not offered by the standard dimensions. In addition there are all kinds of different sensors, the mounting plate, fittings etc.

We use cylinders well known as manufacturer of components Aignep's offered by the components and materials in order to ensure the full reliability and quality.

Initially, we started Aignep X Series cylinders, cylinder diameter of 32 - 125mm and lengths up to 1500mm.
Aignep X Series cylinders on technical data and approvals can see the overall dimensions of the cylinder directory

You can ask us for other products offered by Aignep.

The brands we represent in Estonia and partners
Latest products
Screw compressor Alup SCK 10-10 
Producer: Alup
Model: SCK 10-10
Year: 2003
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Screw compressor Kaeser ASD 47 
Producer: Kaeser
Model: ASD 47
Year: 2007
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Screw compressor Almig Variable 16 
Producer: Almig
Model: Variable 16
Year: 2009
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Screw compressor Alup Allegro 16 
Producer: Alup
Model: Allegro 16
Year: 2004
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Screw compressor Almig Belt 7 
Producer: Almig
Model: Belt 7
Year: 2008
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